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  • Angela Tidwell

    October 1, 2015 at 8:39 am

    Position of comfort a majority of the time. We occasionally have patients who prefer to sit in their parents laps. We try to accommodate as best as possible while performing appropriately. Some prefer to lay down. Certainly depends on accessibility of port placement.

    Angela Tidwell, MSN,RN
    St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    Memphis, TN
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    From: Kimberly Duback
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    How does your institution position patients when their port is accessed?  Do you require all patients to be laying flat or do you allow them to sit up during their access?  

    Basically, how do you maximize central line infection prevention in terms of maintaining a child in a position that is best for site sterility while also meeting the developmental and emotional needs of the child?

    Thank you!

    Kimberly Duback, APN

    Advocate Children’s Hospital

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