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  • Kimberly Duback

    October 4, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    We too check the chemotherapy approximately 6 times:

    The provider who writes the order with the co-signing physician,

    2 pharmacists,

    2 Nurses at the bedside prior to administration

    Kimberly Duback, MS, APN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CPHON
    Advanced Practice Nurse
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    Subject: Number of chemo order checks

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    We are looking to change our process regarding the number of times chemotherapy orders are checked from the time the provider writes the chemo until the time the chemo is administered.  Currently, our chemo orders are checked (against roadmap for day, dose, math correct, co-signature) seven times before administration.  They are checked by the provider writing the order, the provider co-signing it, the team leader and two pharmacists on the day prior to admin, and by two bedside nurses on the day of admin.  How many times does this get checked at other institutions?  

    Tiffany Randle, CPHON, RN
    Riley Hospital for Children
    Indianapolis, IN
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