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  • Angela Tidwell

    July 13, 2016 at 10:22 am

    In our outpatient clinic (Neuro-oncology), several of our institutional protocols will have an induction phase and consolidation/maintenance phase. Each phase will be a separate consent. Prior to signing any protocol, the physician discusses with the family the  whole plan for treatment. Then it is broken down into the different phases. The physician, nurse practitioner, and/or clinic nurse will review the roadmaps with the family. Once induction phase is completed and all appropriate diagnostic tests have been done, the next phase will be consented. At times, if there is a research nurse involved, he/she may review the plan as well. We will give a copy of the roadmap to the family as well so that they can keep it for their records. It does give them an idea where the patient is in treatment. Education occurs throughout treatment.

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    Our LEP Patient Family Advocate would like to know more about how other institutions teach patients about their next phases of treatment….
    How do you go about teaching roadmaps to the families you work with? Do you use the roadmap itself to explain upcoming phases of treatment? Do you modify your approach depending on the family (ie. limited English proficiency, lower educational attainment/literacy level?)
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