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  • Kathleen Morris

    August 10, 2016 at 9:28 am

    We do send patients home from the infusion center with a PIV in place for the next day’s infusion.  We get a provider order.  We flush it with saline, clamp it and cover it with Tubigrip  They are instructed to apply pressure if it comes out and call MD.  We have instructions that review what to look for.  


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    Sent: 08-10-2016 07:21 AM
    From: Charlotte Smith
    Subject: Leaving peripheral lines in for recurrent visits

    Our Spec CT scan is currently located off site and our patients have a peripheral line placed for the injection and return the next day and have a new PIV placed for their scan.

    Does anyone send patients home with saline locked peripheral IV’s for next day return visits? If so, does anyone have a  policy they would be willing to share? 

    Charlotte Smith RN, MSN NE-NC
    Cohen Children’s Medical Center
    New Hyde Park, NY