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  • Lydia Steele

    March 1, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    We monitor for 1 hr post administration (IM or IV) as well at our institution.

    [Lydia] [Steele], [BSN, RN, CPN]
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    Sent: 01-02-2018 02:01 PM
    From: Kimberly Duback
    Subject: observation time s/p asparaginase

    ​At my institution, we continue to monitor patients 1 hour post administration, regardless of route.  We base this practice off of the package insert for the drug, which specifies 1 hour monitoring and does not site a specific route for this recommendation.

    Kimberly Duback, MS, APN, PCNS-BC, CPN, CPHON
    Advanced Practice Nurse
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    From: Kathleen Morris
    Subject: observation time s/p asparaginase

    Our standard has always been to observe our patients for one hour after administration of asparaginase.  Recently a NP discussed this practice with a pharmacist who felt that this was not necessary with IV dosing (but should continue with IM dosing due to slow absorption time).  I have seen some significant reactions to asparaginase.

    What is the practice at your institution?

    Kathleen Morris, MSN, RN
    Assistant Nurse Manager
    Rochester, NY
    United States