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  • Kristen Ammon

    October 17, 2018 at 10:45 am

    We do allow family in our infusion room, but there are some limitations.  If the patient is well enough (immunocompetent) and sitting in one of our infusion chairs (there are 10 in a line inside a long room), they can only have 1 family member present.  We usually prefer that the person be 18, but we’ve allowed a little bit younger as long as the parent is close by.  Families switch off if more of them have come.  These families are typically our non-oncology patients (our infusion room is mixed).  We also have positive pressure infusion rooms (glass sliding doors) and do allow more family members to be present (typically our bmt patients or patients on droplet/contact isolation) but we discourage this.  The rooms are small and too many people inside the room can be crowded.  We have a large waiting room close by and ask that if families come with a big crowd, that they divide and conquer.  Especially when there are TWO adults that come.  During flu restrictions (usually delcared around here in January/February and until April), children under 18 are not supposed to come at all.  You can imagine that the compliance on this is not 100%.  Always a struggle…the balance between safety and family centered care.

    Kristen Ammon, MSN, RN
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    ​Hi All.  Do you allow siblings and family members in the infusion room or do you have a policy for the number of people allowed to be present per patient?

    Thank you.

    Anne Raines, MSN,RN,CPHON
    Austin, TX