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  • Patricia Pretti

    July 8, 2021 at 8:27 am
    We no longer have patients wait an hour after PEG. Studies show if they are going to react it is in the first few minutes. And most patients get premeds.  If we are giving IM Erwinea we have them wait. We are open until 6:30 but are sure to give platelets or highly reactive chemo by 3 pm if possible. Providers are present in clinic until their patients are gone.

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    From: Robyn Brady
    Subject: RE: Peg after hours

    We give during the day as well and an APP or doc must be on the unit or present in our clinic at all times.

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    From: Jennifer Wolfe
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    No policy per say, BUT due to available resources for incidentals, highly reactive meds are not given after 5

    Jennifer Wolfe, MSN,RN,OCN
    Director of Nursing
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    Sent: 07-07-2021 09:06 PM
    From: Emily Kropp
    Subject: Peg after hours

    Do any institutions have rules around timing of when highly reactive chemo such as peg can be given. We are open until 9 pm and do not have a hard and fast rule of admin time. Curious if others do?

    Emily Kropp, RN, MSN
    Philadelphia, PA
    United States