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  • Gretchen Hirschey

    July 8, 2021 at 10:07 am

    Our Day Hospital is open until the last patient leaves which can be 1630 or sometimes 2000. However, we only administer highly reactive chemos when there is plenty of providers around. We don’t have a hard and fast time, but I would say early afternoon is the latest we would administer. Hope this is helpful.



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    From: Kara Tumminelli
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    My clinic closes at 7:30. If we are giving Peg, we have a policy that the patient waits one hour after receiving Peg to monitor them. With that in place it usually helps time things out accordingly

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    From: Emily Kropp
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    Do any institutions have rules around timing of when highly reactive chemo such as peg can be given. We are open until 9 pm and do not have a hard and fast rule of admin time. Curious if others do?

    Emily Kropp, RN, MSN
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