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  • Mollie Ring

    July 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    I have done similar practices when patients have had smell intolerance-switch to betadine and d5 flushes. We also tried other various things such as suckers, ring pops, gum, drinking sprite…anything with a strong taste and that the patient enjoys. There is also a product (essential oil stick) called quease ease, that some of our older patients found helpful. Sometimes it takes trying several things. We have had several patients after doing this be able to tolerate NS again later on in their treatment.

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    Sent: 07-09-2021 12:25 PM
    From: Angela Everson
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    I am hoping someone can help or confirm what I am doing is the best for a patient that has B-cell ALL age 3, and an extreme intolerance to smells. He has a angiodynamic port and currently cannot be cleaned with chlorohexidine or any cleaner with strong smell, flushed with NS, heparin, and sweats off his Tegaderm dressing. He has a recent Tegaderm skin tear from mom using Tegaderm over EMLA. He will scream and violently vomit when these smells are near him. I am currently using betadine to clean port area, D5 for flushes and 30 units of Heparin. Antiemetics are no benefit. I use a silicone dressing to help with his skin breakdown. When he is sedated for LP’s I flush him with NS and full 50 units of Heparin to reduce any fibrin sheaths and stickiness from D5. Any suggestions?

    Angela Everson, RN
    Pediatric Hem/Onc/infusion