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  • Anne Harvey

    October 21, 2021 at 10:11 am

    We currently have a no sibling policy now as well. Our children’s hospital has a “Kids Clubhouse” that offers supervised sibling playroom while sibling patients are attending clinic visits, lab draws etc. Families need to make a reservation, sib has to wear a mask, no diapering, no sick sibs, no medical intervention, etc. and I am sure there are other rules that I am not aware of – but it is a great resource for families (and for clinics too).



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    From: Gretchen Hirschey
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    We have a no sibling policy. However, if they show up with sibs, we look at it on a case by case basis, if the patient MUST be seen that day and I discuss with the team. Also, if we know ahead of time there is childcare issues, we also address those with the team (EX. coming in for a physical only, can be rescheduled; if chemotherapy or infusion, we will consider sibs). IF sibs come, they must stay in the room with patient and keep mask on. Hope this helps.

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    From: Kellie Kirbitz
    Subject: Sibling Policy

    Hi all- Looking for input as to what other clinics policies are on siblings being allowed at clinic and/or infusion appointments.
    If you do NOT allow siblings, how do you manage barriers that families have in finding childcare for other sibs? Any other input, ideas, etc. are welcome! Thank you!

    Kellie Kirbitz BSN,CPHON,RN
    Grand Rapids MI United