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  • Glenna Swann

    November 10, 2021 at 8:49 am


    Our institution follows mostly DFCI protocols for ALL so we are fairly new to using Blina – we have only had 2 patients so far. How are so many of you using the 7 day bag with the preservatives? We were under the impression from Amgen and our pharmacists that 7 day bags should not be used in pediatric patients under a certain kg of body weight because of the preservatives. Obviously a 7 day bag would be much easier! 

    Also, can everyone share what kind of backpack and tubing  you are currently using? We have had several issues with our 2 patients with tubing connection breakage. 

    Glenna Swann, BSN, RN, CPHON

    Glenna Swann, RN
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    From: Jennifer Hadjar
    Subject: Blina and central line

    All of the above! We typically use the 7 day bag- It really depends on the kid and labs. Most of ours have a dual port- so it’s really a non issue.
    With a single port, we do not use emla with needle changes.

    At my prior institution, when I was in adults, if the patient only had a single port, we would place a picc line.

    Jennifer Hadjar, MSN,RN,OCN
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    From: Jennifer Vega
    Subject: Blina and central line

    We allow our patients to go home during blinatumomab infusions and they return every 3 or 4 days (depending on bag size) for a bag change.  Our patients have mediports so the needle must be changed with the bag change every 7 days.

    Currently at our institution we do not allow for anesthetic (Emla) with mediport deaccess and then reaccess to minimize the time of interruption of the blina infusion.   We want to make this less traumatic for our patients so would appreciate any input on practices being used!

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    Jennifer Vega, APRN
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