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  • Lauren Pasch

    May 16, 2023 at 5:13 pm

    Hello, in our outpatient infusion area this is our practice. 

    1. For medications like peg or cal-peg, it’s a one hour observation. For IVIG or blood products, 30 minutes. There are some special phase 1 medications there are longer observations per the protocol such as 4 hours. 

    2. If they need epi the rapid response team is called and they are transferred to the emergency department for observation. If other interventions outside of epi given it’s typically every 5-10 minute vitals and at least an hour observation. 

    Lauren Pasch, RN
    Belleville, MI
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    From: Elissa Shulta
    Subject: Anaphylaxis

    Hi, All-

    I’m curious what your current practice is with meds that have a risk for anaphylaxis:

    1. when a med that has a risk for anaphylaxis is given, how long do you make the patient stay for observation/monitoring after the infusion is complete?

    2. If a patient ends up having an anaphylactic reaction, what does your vital sign frequency change to? How long is the observation time if Epi is given? How long is the observation time if Benadryl is given?

    Thanks in advance!

    Elissa Shulta, DNP,RN,CPHON
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