Anniversary Blogs

40 Years of APHON Blog

APHON is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year – what an achievement! To think, APHON originated from an impromptu meeting back in 1973 when four pediatric oncology nurses got together and shared practice problems and successes, knowledge and mutual support. We officially reached incorporation status in 1976. Today, 40 years later, we’re stronger than ever with almost 3,700 pediatric hematology/oncology nurses sharing best practices and supporting one another worldwide.

Throughout the year, we will be marking our anniversary in different ways – through social media and at the Annual Conference (September 29-October 1, 2016) in Indianapolis, and through blog posts shared on the APHON Member Connection. Members will be posting about aspects of APHON over the years, including the evolution of APHON’s local chapters, annual conferences, JOPON, international outreach, and advocacy, to name some of the topics.

Ours is a remarkable story of resilience, accomplishment, setbacks, friendship, and lifelong learning. The blog posts are not in any sense a systematic review or an impartial recounting of facts. They are filled with the perspectives and the voices of our colleagues, all contributing to the lively mosaic that is APHON. I hope you will enjoy them, and consider commenting on them or adding your own perspective, memories of the past, and hopes and visions for our future. After all, APHON is who we are.

With warmest regards,
Kathy Ruccione