Advertising Opportunities

With more than 4,200 members, when advertising with APHON, you are getting your message to the decision-makers in pediatric hematology nursing. Let APHON help you achieve your goals by customizing a unique print/online package that ensures visibility, branding, and engagement to your audience. 

APHON Counts Newsletter

APHON Counts is the organization’s highly-read, quarterly member publication. Now offered full-size digital format, opportunities are available in display and video formats. APHON Counts is also archived on the APHON website offering ongoing repeat exposure to your advertisement.


Smart Ads

An estimated 100,000 impressions per month

Your advertising in APHON Counts will now be available for a remarketing upgrade. In addition to publishing your ad in APHON Counts — one of the leading resources of pediatric hematology/oncology nursing — your advertisement will include additional remarketing banners which enables APHON to show your ad to customers who have already visited the APHON website. This ad will also follow them beyond our website, and will appear on many other web sites and searches. 


Conference Advertising Opportunities

APHON will hold its 44th Annual Conference & Exhibit September 3-5, 2020 in New York, New York. Take advantage of pre-conference, onsite, and post-conference advertising opportunities to reach more than 900 attendees. Studies show exhibitors that include pre-conference and onsite marketing in their exhibit program report higher booth activity.

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Button & Banner Advertising

eNEWS Advertising

APHON’s electronic newsletter is distributed to the full membership each month, giving you year-round access to the full audience with links to your designated website.


APHON Member Connection

The APHON Member Connection is the exclusive online networking tool where members can ask advice, share expertise, and connect with other members. Your banner will be prominently seen as members network with one another.


Career Center

Whether you are trying to fill a specific position or educate users about your facility, the Career Center offers a unique opportunity to be seen by pediatric hematology/oncology nurses and other visitors to the Career site. Place a banner alone or package with a job posting on the site.