Global Nursing Education Bundles

Global Nursing Education Bundle Drawing

APHON is committed to providing educational resources to pediatric hematology/oncology nurses. New in 2021, nurses in low-and middle-income countries may apply to be entered into a lottery to receive one of three APHON Global Health educational bundles.

Three applicants (on behalf of their hospital or workplace setting) will be randomly chosen to select any (2) APHON educational resources from the list below, up to a value of $500.00.

Global Nursing Educational Bundle Options (Click the arrow to view the full list)


Pediatric hematology/oncology nurses from a low-middle income country may enter the drawing on behalf of a hospital or workplace setting. The entry application is open annually through April 30. Three winners will be selected from a random drawing on the first Monday of June annually. 

Complete the application below to be entered in the drawing.