Jean Fergusson Excellence in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing Practice Award

Since 1989, this award, originally titled APON Excellence in Pediatric Oncology Nursing Practice Award, has been offered to recognize a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse for compassion and expertise in clinical nursing practice and for actively incorporating research and new ideas into clinical practice. In 2004, the award was named after Jean Fergusson, a charter member of APHON and a pioneer in the field of pediatric oncology nursing.

The recipient of this award receives recognition at the annual conference, in a press release, and an announcement is sent to the recipient’s employer.

Candidates for this award must meet the following criteria:

  • APHON member in good standing.
  • Registered nurse with 4 years of direct care experience in pediatric hematology/oncology and currently involved in the direct care of pediatric hematology/oncology patients.
  • Clinical practice is consistent with the APHON Scope of Practice and Outcome Standards for Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing.
  • Practice exemplifies a high level of compassion and specialty expertise as documented by peers and/or patients/family.
  • Recognized as a clinical expert as evidenced by contributions to and development of pediatric hematology/oncology nursing.
  • Actively incorporates research and evidence from the literature into clinical practice.
  • Communicates effectively.

Completed nominations must include the nominee’s CV and two letters of recommendation that elaborate on the above criteria. Nominations must be submitted by July 15.


Past Recipients

2023 Recipient


Prior Recipients

  • 2022: Maria Christina Pinero, RN BSN CPHON®
  • 2021: Katherine Alessi, RN BSN CPHON®
  • 2020: Lauren Hancock, MSN RN CPNP-AC CHPPN® CPHON®
  • 2019: Kathy Perko, MS FPCN PPCN CHPPN CPON®
  • 2016: Meghan Belongia, MSN RN CPNP CPHON®
  • 2015: Emily J. Long, BSN RN CPHON®
  • 2014: Deborah L. Robinson, DNP RN
  • 2012: Meredith, Lahl, MSN RN PCNS-BC CPON®
  • 2011: Tara Malbasa, MSN CPNP CPON®
  • 2010: Pamela J. Simon, MSN BSN CPNP CPON®
  • 2009: Deborah Lafond, MS PNP-BC CPON®
  • 2008: Eva Kyrnski, BSN RN CPON®
  • 2007: Leslie L. Griffith, RN
  • 2006: Jane Hennessy, MPH RN CNP CPON®
  • 2005: Carol Rossetto, CPNP RN CPON®
  • 2004: Ria Fewox, RN CPON®
  • 2003: Ruth Anne Herring, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2002: Debra Giugliano, RN CPNP
  • 2000: Janet Duncan, BSN RN CPON®
  • 1999: Janet Veatch, MN RN CPON®
  • 1998: Debra S. Rambert, BSN RN
  • 1997: Revonda Mosher, MSN RN CPNP
  • 1996: Patricia Brophy, MSN CRNP CPON®
  • 1995: Brenda Eng, MSN RN
  • 1994: Gretchen Ficken, RN CPON®
  • 1993: Jami S. Gattuso, MSN RN
  • 1992: Patsy McGuire, MS RN CPNP
  • 1991: Julie Harper, RN
  • 1990: Mary McElwain, MSN RN PNP
  • 1989: Ann T. Birkmire, BSN RN

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