Local Chapter Community Service Award

Recognizes a local chapter that has made a significant contribution to the community. 

Recipient Chapter receives a $250 honorarium and recognition at the annual conference business and awards luncheon, APHON CountsJOPHON, in a press release.

Candidates for this award must meet the following:

  • An APHON Chapter in good standing.
  • Has not received the award previously within the last 3 years.
  • Have submitted all required paperwork to APHON headquarters.
  • Have a minimum of 90% of local chapter members as national members.
  • The chapter must have created and delivered an original community project that has benefited the public.

Completed nominations must be submitted by June 30.

Past Recipients

2023 Recipient

The APHON San Antonio Chapter

Prior Recipients

  • 2022: APHON Lexington Chapter
  • 2021: Louisville Chapter
  • 2020: Mississippi Chapter
  • 2017: Lexington Chapter
  • 2016: National Capital Chapter
  • 2015: Northwest Chapter
  • 2014: Wisconsin Chapter
  • 2013: Wisconsin Chapter
  • 2012: Atlanta Georgia Chapter
  • 2010: Southern California (SCAPHON) Chapter
  • 2009: Texas Gulf Coast Chapter
  • 2008: Greater Metro Detroit Chapter
  • 2007: First State Delaware Chapter
  • 2005: Central Pennsylvania Chapter

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