Local Chapter Information Desk

Local Chapter Information Desk

This section features information to help local chapter leaders begin and maintain their Local Chapter. Local Chapters are overseen by the Local Chapter Committee, which provides a major link between the APHON Board and APHON membership. Use the resources below to meet your chapter obligations, find answers to your questions, or to start a new chapter. 

General Resources | Annual Reports & Financial Resources | Role-Specific Resources | Awards | Grants | Logos | Starting a Chapter

General Resources

Local Chapter Manual

The local chapter manual provides detailed guidelines and requirements for maintaining local chapter charter status.

Local Chapter Business Meeting Webinar Archives

Watch the Local Chapter Business Meeting webinars to see an overview of the requirements to maintain a local chapter charter status, including the annual reports that are due to APHON Headquarters each year.

Annual Report & Financial Resources

Annual Reports

APHON Local Chapters must submit certain annual reports on February 28 to inform the Local Chapter committee about chapter activities and standing during the year.

Role-Specific Resources

The chapter role resource section provides Local Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs with information regarding their specific leadership roles to increase their knowledge and performance in an effort to develop a local chapter that can excel in all aspects.




Educational Committee

Membership Committee

Fundraising Committee

Meeting Expense Form

Local Chapters are eligible to receive a maximum $75 reimbursement for expenses related to hosting a chapter meeting during the month of May to promote voting in the APHON National election. Complete the APHON Local Chapter Special Meeting Expense Report Form.

Attach your receipts to a completed Special Meeting Expense Report Form and submit to APHON within 30 days of the meeting.

Local Chapter Awards & Recognition

Local Chapter Community Service Award

The Local Chapter Community Service Award recognizes a local chapter that has made a significant contribution to the community.

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Local Chapter Excellence Award

The Local Chapter Excellence Award is presented to a local chapter that has excelled in promoting the mission, vision, and goals of APHON.

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Annual Incentive Contest

Annual Incentive Program was developed to encourage local chapters to focus on achieving goals in a designated area.

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APHON Local Chapter Hardship Grant

A local chapter should consider applying for the hardship grant if their chapter is experiencing a financial hardship. The grant funding can be used to assist with the greater good of the local chapter. To be eligible to apply, the local chapter must submit the following:

  • Local chapter reports (must be complete and submitted to national office even if past due)
  • Copy of current budget
  • Statement of financial need (include plans for current funds in chapter accounts and justification why those funds cannot be used, if applicable
  • Completed hardship grant application form

Submit the above material to the APHON office, attention Nicole Wallace. If you need help completing any of these items, please contact your local chapter committee liaison. If financial hardship is determined, the grant will be reviewed by the Local Chapter Committee and the local chapter will be notified of the outcome.

Chapters that receive the hardship grant are required to submit a follow-up form the following year providing the Local Chapter Committee with an update on the chapter’s progress.

ONCC Chapter Grant Program

Learn more about ONCC Chapter Grants on the ONCC website.

Local Chapter Logos

APHON Branded Logos

Local chapters are encouraged to use APHON branded logos on all chapter promotional materials including chapter stationery, business cards, brochures/promotional flyers, newsletters, seminar advertising, website, t-shirts and other wearables. Chapters may not use the logo on materials to imply an endorsement by APHON national.


Local Chapter Custom Logo Guidelines

Local chapters may create custom local chapter logos to assist chapters in branding themselves within their local community.


Start a Local Chapter

Formation and maintenance of a Local Chapter has many advantages for APHON and its members. Local chapters provide ongoing peer support, numerous opportunities for networking, and the exchange of ideas and information through meetings, committees, correspondence, conferences, and publications. For more information, read the Getting Started Manual. The Local Chapter Manual is also a helpful resource.

The Local Chapter Committee is your direct communication link to APHON. Each chapter is assigned a committee liaison. The committee liaison is a valuable resource for you and your chapter. Committee liaisons can answer your questions, help you solve problems, listen, motivate, encourage, and communicate your opinions to APHON leadership.

If you are interested in forming a new chapter, please contact staff liason.