LC Custom Logos

Logo Chapter Custom Logo Guidelines

Local chapters are provided an APHON branded logo for use in chapter marketing and promotional materials. Local chapters may create custom local chapter logos to assist chapters in branding themselves within their local community, however, the logos must meet the following criteria:

  1. Custom local logos must include the official logo of APHON. The logo must include the APHON National identifier (APHON, with the starfish through the “O”).
  2. In order to communicate the population APHON represents, the logo must be pediatric themed.
  3. The APHON logo must appear on all chapter publications and materials.
  4. Chapters may use the APHON national provided logo, and the name of the chapter is to be imprinted underneath. The APHON logo must be used for all formal activities of the chapter.
  5. The state name or a design may be included in the local chapter logo; however the APHON name must be the focus of the local chapter logo. The APHON logo should be the most prominent feature in the logo.
  6. The background color of the APHON logo may be changed. There are no restrictions on the color palette of your design.
  7. Additional letters cannot be added to the beginning of the APHON name (ie WAPHON). Again the focus needs to be the APHON name.

Once a logo is designed

If you have designed a local chapter logo, it must be submitted for approval.

  • All designs must be submitted via e-mail to the local chapter staff liaison before any materials are printed with the suggested logo.
  • APHON staff will review the design and either approve or deny the design within 8 weeks of submission.