APHON’s Statements on Racism and Injustice

We are committed to our community, our partners, and ourselves to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together we stand as a group of nurses comprised of, caring for, working with, devoting time to, and respecting individuals from all walks of life, all over the world.

We have no tolerance for hatred and racism. Last summer APHON released a statement in support of people of color and we now reaffirm our opposition to xenophobia, bigotry, and the escalating violence against the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. APHON resolves to continue to be an evolving organization, striving to be free of biases, hatred, and racism of all types.

We are proud to stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities and with those who call for justice and action as we fight together to spread awareness and stand against racism and hate.

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