Evidence-Based Practice Clinical Guideline Review

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology

Author(s): Smita Bhatia, Alberto S. Pappo, Melissa Acuazzino, Scott C. Borinstein, Rashmi Chugh, Carrye R. Cost, Shira Dinner, Douglas Fair, Jeanelle Folbrecht, A. Lindsay Frazier, Shipra Gandhi, Robert Goldsby, Robert Hayashi, Alex Huang, Mary S. Huang, Linda A. Jacobs, Michael P. Link, John A. Livingston, Frederick Millard, Kevin C. Oeffinger, Amanda M. Parkes, Damon Reed, Steven Robinson, Abby R. Rosenberg, Tara Sanft, Margaret von Mehren, and Nicolas Yeager.


Method of Review: A subcommittee of the Evidence-Based Practice and Research Committee of the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses conducted a group review of the clinical recommendations using the AGREE II criteria1. The committee had an overall assessment of approval for endorsement.

Review Summary: These are evidence-based guidelines that have been developed following an extensive systematic review and appraisal of the literature on the best evidence available. The authors are primarily physicians with nominal nursing and psychology disciplines represented, but they provide clear recommendations for practice, treatment, and support for AYA oncology patients. These recommendations are based on the recently updated evidence in the management of this population for all professional disciplines.

Recommendation for use: Recommended for use in pediatric hematology and oncology nursing.

Disclaimer: These are Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) guidelines based on a systematic review of the literature with EBP recommendations. The EBP/Nursing Research Committee agrees that the value of these pediatric oncology EBP recommendations merit their posting on the APHON website.

The guidelines are available from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network website. Users will need to register for a free account to access the guidelines.


1AGREE Next Steps Consortium (2009). The AGREE II Instrument [Electronic version]. Retrieved May 2018, from www.agreetrust.org