Dr. Casey Hooke Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1995, this award was created and named in honor of APHON’s 15th president, Dr. Casey Hooke. Casey guided APHON through a turbulent time for the association. Each year since 1995, the Dr. Casey Hooke Distinguished Service Award has been presented to an APHON member who has demonstrated excellence in service to and leadership of APHON.

The recipient of this award receives a $1,000 honorarium and recognition at the annual conference business and awards luncheon, APHON Counts, in a press release, and an announcement is set to the recipient’s immediate supervisor/employer.

Requirements for Consideration:

  • A registered professional nurse who has demonstrated exemplary service through leadership to APHON.
  • A member in good standing of APHON.
  • A nurse whose leadership and service have enhanced the reputation, growth, and development of the association.
  • A nurse, who by example, has fostered or mentored the leadership potential of other APHON members.
  • A nurse who has consistently provided significant service to APHON through volunteer activities at the local and/or national levels.

Completed nominations must include the nominee’s CV and two letters of recommendation that elaborate on the above criteria. Nominations must be received by July 15.

The APHON Board of Directors determines the award recipients. Please contact membership@aphon.org if you would like to recommend a candidate that meets the above requirements for consideration or use the entry form link at the bottom of this page. 


The 2023 Dr. Casey Hooke Distinguished Service Award was granted to Joan O’Hanlon Curry, DNP RN CPNP-PC CPON® NEA-BC FAAN FAPHON. Pictured left to right: Dr. Casey Hooke (APHON President 1993-1995), Joan O’Hanlon Curry (APHON President 2019-2021), and Janice Nuuhiwa (APHON President 2021-2023).
  • 2022: Carol Kotsubo, MPH MS APRN CPON®-Emeritus 
  • 2021: Susan Burke, MA RN CPNP CPHON®
  • 2020: Kathy Perko, MSN RN PPCNP-BC CHPPN® CPLC® CPON® FPCN®
  • 2019: Deborah A. Lafond, DNP PPCNP-BC CHPPN CPON®
  • 2018: Genevieve V. Foley, MSN RN OCN®
  • 2017: Jami S. Gattuso, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2016: Beth A. Siever, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2015: Cynthia Stutzer, MS RN
  • 2013: Deborah Freiburg, MSN RN 
  • 2012: Joetta DeSwarte Wallace, MSN RN FNP-C
  • 2011: Rebecca Ann Monroe, MSN RN CPNP
  • 2010: Rita L. Secola, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2009: Lona Roll, MSN RN
  • 2008: Kathy Ruccione, MPH RN FAAN
  • 2007: Karla D. Wilson, MSN RN FNP-C CPON®
  • 2006: Jean H. Fergusson, EdD RN CRNP
  • 2005: Wendy Landier, MSN RN CPNP CPON®
  • 2004: Nancy E. Kline, PhD RN CPNP FAAN
  • 2003: Angela Ethier, MSN RN CNS CPN
  • 2002: Cindy Burleson, MSN RN CPON®
  • 2001: Dianne Fochtman, MN RN CPNP
  • 2000: Francis Wiley, MN RN
  • 1999: Patricia Greene, PhD RN FAAN
  • 1998: Marilyn Hockenberry-Eaton, PhD RN
  • 1997: Pamela Hinds, PhD RN CS
  • 1996: Cheryl Conatser, MS RN CPON®
  • 1995: Casey Hooke, MSN RN CPON®

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